Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vermont - New York - Canada, October 2015 - Part 5

October 10, 2015

We left Cooperstown around 7 a.m. and had sunny weather on our drive to Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Beautiful colors and a drive through the hills of New York.  We crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Canada and this time had no problems with the border crossing.  I will say this the Canadians seem to careless about back-ups at the border crossing.  We waited for nearly 40 minutes and then they opened a few more lanes.

Niagara Falls, Ontario skyline

We check into our campground, walked the dog and took the bus down to the falls.

Horseshoe Falls

American Falls & Horseshoe Falls

American Falls

Rainbows were present the entire time we were at the falls

We stopped at Margaritaville for dinner and drinks before catching the bus back to the campground.

We were up early and hit the road promptly at 7 a.m.  We took the 401 back through Windsor, Ontario.  This time the problem was at the US Border.  There was a back-up and this women in a safety vest kept directing me to the right, and then she started running toward us and told us to go to the truck lane.  The US Border Agent was pissed because we were in the commercial truck lane.  He couldn't care less that we sent that way and he made things a little testy.  He finally let us go and we figured we saved 30 minutes.  It was a 9-1/2 hour drive home and we got back to Carmel at 4:30 p.m.  This was a great trip, ten nights in the camper, with 7 relying on solar and batteries.  Drove approximately 2250 miles round trip.

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  1. Wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing all your fun with us, including border crossing intrigue. Wow, fall colors, mountain tops, Von Trapp family, and the Cubbies!