Monday, July 25, 2022

2022 - Patoka Lake




We left home on July 13, 2022 headed to Patoka Lake SRA.  We camped there in April of 2022 and had snow.  This time we had temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's, not the best camping weather.Patoka Lake is a large reservoir in southern Indiana, run by the Corp of Engineers.  The park is operated by the Indiana DNR.


We hiked around the campground, and found a path from our campsite down to the water.  There was a Blue/Green algae warning, so we chose not to swim.





 We scheduled a quick visit to the vet for Sarah on Friday, and then decided to spend the day exploring Jasper, Indiana.  First we stopped to see the famous Geode  Grotto.

"CONSTRUCTED  OVER TEN YEARS ON the site of a former handball court on the grounds of the Providence Home, the Geode Grotto was the idea of Father Phillip Ottavi, and Italian immigrant who was inspired by religious grottes in Europe.  As a child he was orphaned ny the Messina earthquake, which killed 100,000 or more people in Italy in 1908, which leds to his involvement with the Order of the sons of Divine Providence who are dedicated to helping the less fortunate."

"Grottos have long been associated with Catholic fervor and devotion.  The grotto at Lourdes, France, became famous when an apparition of Mary to a youg girl was followed by miraculous cures.  A frenzy of grotto building in Europe began even earlier in the mid 1600s and continued through the Victorian period."

"Geodes are abundant in southern Indiana and the soft rocks with crystal-filled centers have been used locally as building and decorative material for generations.  The geodes in this grotto come from Heltonville, Indiana.  The white Carrara marble statues were imported from Italy."

"The Geode Grotto was built between 1960 - 1970 under the guidance of Father Ottavi with help of residents and coworkers from the home.  The grotto covers four city blocks in fountains, planters, cave-like openings and gardens."

There are two major shrines: the Mother of God Shrine on the south end, and the St. Joseph Shrine in the North.  The entrance is through Mother of God Shrine, just north of the Providence Home on Bartley Street.




  Mother of God Shrine


Saint Joseph Shrine





 Saint Anthony

                                                                               Saint Jude



 When we were in Jasper in 2021 we had lunch at Schnitzelbank Restaurant.  We picked up carry-out on this trip and enjoyed a great German meal.  Jasper is and old German town that carries on many German traditions throughout the year.

                                                               St. Joseph Catholic Church
             We stopped at the Jasper City Mill and Susan picked up a loaf of fresh Amish wheat bread.

Jasper Train Depot

                                The Jacob Moery Cabin was moved to and restored at Patoka Lake Nature Center

We had a visitor at our campsite

                                                     Our son's family came for a visit and BBQ

                                We spent five days at Patoka Lake and plan on returning next year.