Tuesday, August 8, 2023

2023 - Michigan Trip



 2023 - Michigan Trip

 We headed for Michigan on June 2, 2023.  Our first stop is Gran Haven State Park.  The campground is located right at the beach.  Spots were very tight and a challenge to get the trailer backed in.


Grand Haven State Park












                                                            Charles Mears State Park





















 Mackinac Bridge





 Lake Michigan from our campsite


Fiona's new favorite place

After our stay at Wilderness State Park, we crossed over the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula.  Our destination was Copper Harbor, MI









Fort Wilkens

US 41 starts in Copper Harbor.  We have now driven every part of US 41 except for part of the Florida stretch.

Lake Superior

 Northern most point of Lake Michigan




Harvest Host stay for a night at the Snowmobile Museum

Mantistique Lighthouse



 Petoskey State Park


                                                                    Petoskey Brewery

                                                 We spent several hours hunting for Petoskey stones

Ludington State Park

                                                We hiked the 3 miles to the Big Sable Lighthouse





             We drove into the the town of Ludington and had lunch at House of Flavors restaurant. We spent 2 nights in Ludington and headed home.  We had great weather, except some rain and fog at Copper Harbor.  We did get a break from the hot Indiana weather.  Our trip lasted 18 days.