Monday, October 12, 2015

Vermont - New York - Canada, October 2015 - Part 3

 October 7, 2015

We left Smuggler Notch for our 3rd and final stop in Vermont.  In the end Smugglers Notch was hands down our favorite of the three campgrounds.  Thanks to John Murphy (sorry we couldn't get together), we took Hwy. 100 south and then Route 17, the Lincoln Gap to Middlebury.  We also drove Hwy. 125 several times.

Our last campground was Branbury State Park near Middlebury, VT.  Branbury is on Lake Dunmore, a beautiful lake with private homes along the shore and mountains behind, and a nice setting to camp.  We had plenty of room, with only 2 other campers in the area. 

Lake Dunmore

We drove to Middlebury and had lunch at Noonie's Deli.  The deli is in one of the old Marble Works Buildings.  We had the Purple Pleasure and it was a good thing we split the sandwich; it was huge.  Try it if you visit there.  The main reason for visiting Middlebury was to visit the Morgan Horse Museum.  It was supposed to open at 10 a.m. but after 3 tries we gave up and left.

We drove over to Middlebury College.  It is a beautiful campus that opened in 1800.

We visited the Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks.  We took a tour that included a video and then Bart Morse showed the equipment and told how Maple Syrup was made from start to finish.  It was very informative and of course we spent a little in the family store.

We spent several hours traveling the winding roads through the Vermont countryside.

The Mad River

October 8, 2015

Of course when Susan saw the sign for Texas Falls off Hwy 125, we had to stop.

Lake Dunmore

To be continued in Part 4

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