Wednesday, August 31, 2022

2022 - Indiana Dunes




 Indiana Dunes State Park & Indiana Dunes National Park

We left home on Monday, August 22nd and headed North.  We opted to stay off the interstates and traveled North on US 31, West on US 30, and North again on Indiana State Road 49.  It took us a little under 3 hours to reach Indiana Dunes State Park.  This was our first time at this state park.  The campground was mostly full and the beach was packed.  Guessing many schools don't start until after Labor Day.



 The Pavilion was built in 1929-30 for $100,000.  In 2015 private business contributed between $3,000,000 and $4,000,000 to modernize and restore the building to its original glory days.  There is a full service restaurant on the first floor (closed Tuesdays), and event center on the second floor.  There is a roof top bar that is open Thursday through Sunday. We were going to grab dinner up there that Thursday, but it rained.


Chicago skyline at sunset

                                                        A Volkswagen bus with a surfboard

Part of the Dunes

Seagull let us know the water is perfect for a swim, or a waste deep wade since there were no life guards


Sarah keeping an eye on the trailer from her shelter


Propeller from the J.D. Marshall.  The ship sank in 1911, approximately 300' offshore from the Pavilion.  There are four (4) seasonal buoys that mark the spot.  It is a popular scuba diving spot.

A ship anchored off the steel mills

The sounds of Lake Michigan Waves crashing on shore


We had a nice pull through site at Dunes National Park

Michigan City, Indiana Lighthouse

 Amtrak to Detroit

Chesterton, Indiana Farmers Market


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  1. A little bit of city, a bit of history, throw in some culture, and lots of natural beauty and it makes for a great trip. Too bad it rained on Thursday. Thanks for the fun, JD!