Monday, April 25, 2022

Chain-O-Lakes State Park - 2022


 April 18, 2022 - April 21, 2022

We awakened to 1"-2" of snow and that should have been a warning of more bad weather to come.  And if that wasn't enough, planning a camping trip to Northern Indiana in April was just asking for trouble. Oh well, we would just tough it out.

 We stopped in Muncie, IN to pick up our trailer.  The further we drove North the less snow was found.  We arrived at Chain-O-Lakes State Park and there was no one there to check us in.  We got to our campsite and discovered the entrance to the drive wouldn't accommodate both the truck and  trailer and the site was in a low area, and very muddy.  We should have gone to the office and asked for a larger and drier site.  We didn't and that would become a big mistake as the daily rain made the site worse.



Cold temperatures, daily rain, mixed with high winds made it near impossible to grill outside, and sitting outside was a no go,

The Stanley Schoolhouse was built in 1915.  The stone above the door has an interesting story.  The stone with the year the school was built has the "9" backwards.  There was a flag pole mounted to the wall that made it hard to get a good picture.

                                                 Noble County Courthouse, Albion, Indiana

                                                       We had lunch at the Albion Ale House


                                                 The only time we saw the sun was a sunset

The trip was a four (4) night stay, but we cut it short by a day.  Lesson learned, don't plan a camping trip to Northern Indiana until May or June.

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