Friday, October 13, 2017

Colorado - 2017 Part 4

Telluride, CO
Day 11-13 – 10/1/2017 – 10/3/2017

Telluride, CO

Along Lost Dollar Road.  It started raining and with another 2-1/2 hours to complete the drive, we ended up turning back.  We will drive this road next time.  We had scheduled to rent a jeep for a day, but with the repeated heavy snow in the mountains, the passes were closed in and Colorado 145 decided to close their Telluride operation for the season.

Along Last Dollar Road

Sarah didn't like getting in our out of the Gondola.  I had to lift her up each time

Looking back to the town of Telluride.  The gondola is free transportation.

Telluride, CO

More pictures from Last Dollar Road

While in Telluride we camped at Town Park.  We met Brad Garland, a professional photographer from Prescott, AZ.  He has one of four Kimberly Karavans in the United States, a hardside pop-up.  An amazing camper.  I got a tour of the inside and out. 

I believe the cost is in Australian Dollars which are higher than the US Dollar. 
Brad was on a photo shoot and gave me permission to post a link to  his site.  
Brad Garlands Fall Colors
San Miguel River

Alta Ghost Town


Alta Lake (Photo furnished by Brad Garland).  We drove up to Alta, but there was a steep muddy section with snow and narrow area with trees that I didn't want to risk damage to the truck and camper.  Brand told me there were deep pot holes and scars on the trees indicated people hit the trees trying to navigate through the tight area.

Moon rising over the mountains

Enchalada Dinner

Bear Creek Falls in Town Park

Red Mountain Mining District along San Juan Byway

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  1. Fall colors in the San Juans! Very nice. We are enjoying the ride along with you!