Monday, June 1, 2015

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana

We took a short weekend trip to Southern Indiana.  Clifty Falls State Park was created in 1920.  It was created during the Ice Age when the southward flowing waters of Clifty Creek met the newly formed Ohio River in a spectacular plunge.  The falls has since cut its way into bedrock to a point more than two miles north of the original position.

Tunnel Falls

"The Tunnel"
In 1852 the Madison & Indianapolis railroad began work on a route through the wilds of Clifty Canyon.  Abandoned in bankruptcy, the project extensive grade and stone work, is a scenic passage for present-day foot trails.  The most prominent remnant is a muddy , rock strewn, 600-foot tunnel. piercing the hillside beneath Oak Grove.

Our grand children Mack & Lillian and friends Gracy & Caleb
after the tunnel hike

 Big Clifty Falls

Cake Rock

Little Clifty Falls

3 generations - PA, Kim, Lillian & Mack

Ohio River

 Historic Madison, Indiana on the Ohio River

Old Fire Station Tower


  1. Did you stop by Galena Garlic Co? My friends wife is the manager there.

  2. Grandkids and camping, great!